About Me

I'm the Lead .NET Developer for a Software Development Consultancy. I've 21 years of professional experience in Microsoft based technologies having produced full stack applications for desktop, mobile and web. I have a passion for developing solutions, enjoying the challenges they can offer. I have experience in requirements gathering, feasibility studies, development and risk assessments having worked on internal projects and alongside 3rd parties to integrate and leverage their solutions. I'm lucky enough to work on and help develop national specifications that help benefit others. But ultimately I'm a tiny piece in a massive jigsaw.

I believe software development is so much more than coding and that it is a cog in organisational knowledge management. I feel that isn't understood or appreciated enough. People need to remember where Computer Science came from, the problems Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Katherine Johnson et al. were trying to solve and that there are too many behavioural issues in the eco-sphere that are holding back what can be achieved. I'm not a keen blogger, I have too many things to balance, what this site tries to do is structure knowledge in a way that it can be helpful and remain relevant. On my twitter feed you'll mostly find me sharing ideas (and humour) of others.

Outside of my main work I also spend time researching and playing with open source projects to help challenge and grow my understanding and ideas on how to solve problems in a professional environment. With computer science being a relatively immature discipline, finding ideas that challenge the status quo in progressing the practice are absolutely vital.

You can find some of my concept work on my Github profile as well as in the ReactiveUI Github organisation.

Away from code and IT I enjoy running, playing tabletop games and playing field hockey.